Jerusalem Scavenger Hunts

Old City Scavenger Hunt

Discover the secrets of the Old City whiletales of inspiring people, ancient places and tremendous events

come to life.

Nachlaot Scavenger Hunt

Discover a surprising and eclectic neighborhood. Get to know its pioneers, navigate through its alleys

and peek into the Machane Yehuda market while engaging with the

unique Nachlaot vibe.

Jerusalem Watchman Scavenger Hunt

For Christian friends of Israel, this new tour game will allow you to explore Mount Zion and

the Jewish Quarter through the joint prism of Biblical text and

modern reality. You will bear witness to the fulfillment of ancient

prophecy every minute, every day in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Jubilee Scavenger Hunt – A train carriage, a windmill, a

bombed hotel, a secret courtyard and the gates of the Old

City…celebrate Jerusalem’s reunification on this game that runs from

the new city to the old!

Jerusalem Old City Dash

What does the Temple Mount lookout, the only

mosque in the Jewish Quarter, and a golden Menorah’ed door all have in

common? They are all stations on the Old City Dash. Warning: this game is VERY


The Windmill Dash

Discover the fabulous story of the expansion of Jerusalem

beyond the Old City. Wander from the Montefiore Windmill through the winding alleys of Yemin Moshe with

an Israel ScaVentures picture pack, and learn the story of a frontier neighborhood that became one of

Jerusalem’s most beautiful neighborhood.

Mall Dash

It never has to rain on your Scavenger Hunt again because on the Israel ScaVenture Mall Dash, you have a great indoors activity! Count the high chairs in the food court, take a team pic in disguise, find a discarded item –and many more missions on the Mall Dash!

Tel Aviv Scavenger Hunts

Tel Aviv scavenger hunt

Nestled between the minarets of Jaffa and

the Azrieli tower in Tel Aviv, lies Neve Zedek – the location of our Tel

Aviv Scavenger Hunt. Discover the story of one of Tel Aviv’s oldest

neighborhoods and find out in what way it is young and funky at


Jaffa Scavenger Hunt

From the Old Saraya to the Jaffa harbor

through the Zodiac Alleys – explore the amazing story of the city that

is said to be the oldest port city in chronicled history.

Up to 15PPL: 1300NIS

Up to 25 PPL: 1850NIS

Up to 35PPL: 2175NIS

Specialized hunts

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Scavenger Hunt

Participate in an adventure of navigation and discover your place in Jewish History. Bar/Bat

Mitzvah participants are awarded with Bar/Bat Mitzvah certificate

of participation. For Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrants who love to learn

and to lead, we offer a Bar/Bat Mitzvah program where participants

learn to co-guide their Scavenger Hunt.

Contact us for more details

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